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Scott manages all retail projects for Great American Group and has overseen the liquidation of thousands of retail stores and more than $10 billion in inventory. Scott’s impressive experience in the retail field spans over 25 years; prior to joining Great American Group in 1997, Scott was responsible for operations in hundreds of Office Depot […]

Michael serves as the Chief Executive Officer of GA’s Advisory & Valuations division and is responsible for overseeing the operations and client service efforts for lenders, sponsors and borrowers. Prior to joining Great American Group in 1996, Michael was a senior associate with an advisory services firm, based in Boston. Michael has nearly two decades […]

Many private equity (PE) firms continue to face scrutiny on fair value measurements from their limited partners (LPs), their auditors, the IRS, and the SEC. Additionally, the Dodd-Frank Act  requires many large PE funds to register with and be subject to periodic inspections by the SEC. An independent, third-party valuation ensures the integrity of the […]

Transactions can include a multitude of accounting, financial and legal considerations. Each of these comes into play as you develop a strategy to maximize value and minimize loss. In many cases it is helpful to have a trusted partner who can analyze and validate data and assumptions relied upon in your strategic plan. Such collaboration […]

Tax minimization strategies often require valuations that meet specific criteria and can withstand scrutiny from internal and external auditors, regulators, and taxing authorities. Having a full understanding of the impact of asset valuation is vital to the success of any tax planning strategy. GA has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to help you develop a […]

In today’s transaction environment, comprehensive strategic and financial advice is necessary to find innovative solutions. Great American has the breadth and depth to provide sound advice to help you manage a broad range of transactions. Our financial advisory solutions consist of the following: Portfolio Valuation: An independent, third-party valuation to ensure the integrity of the fair […]

Our asset based lending solutions enable you to obtain the necessary support, in the form of an appraisal working on your lender’s behalf, to execute your business initiatives and pursue growth opportunities. Great American’s extensive valuation expertise positions us to effectively act as both an appraiser and an advisor. We assess and determine the value […]

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