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Damage theory formulation is performed prior to depositions with the aim of calculating the specific amount needed to restore a plaintiff to their prior financial position, but for the alleged actions of a defendant. Great American’s extensive valuation and M&A experience allows us to provide accurate calculations for all transaction-related litigation for our clients, whether […]

An expert witness can be one of the most influential assets in a case. Our team includes professionals with the experience and expertise required to assist you. Their specialized knowledge makes them uniquely qualified to testify on technical valuation issues. An impressive resume is only part of the package.  The ability to communicate detailed, high-level […]

A proper litigation strategy is critical during a case as it helps map out anticipated events and prepare an appropriate reaction. Developing a strategy with experts who can guide the process, accurately calculate damages, and manage filings ensures the process is as seamless as possible. Great American’s litigation strategy professionals provide the support and guidance […]

A form of alternative dispute resolution, mediation can be a cost-effective means of ending litigation with an agreed-upon settlement. It empowers both sides to craft their own resolution, rather than relying on a judge or jury. Although each side takes an active role in settlement, the risk of an uneven settlement increases when one party […]

An initial case assessment is fundamental in the overall legal process as it can identify information that directly impacts the overall case. Great American understands that an early review of a case is critical. Our team can help develop a client’s litigation strategy by evaluating and assessing the various risks and strengths in the case. […]

Property tax laws differ from state to state and often vary by local jurisdiction, which makes keeping up with changes to property tax law an onerous task. In addition, many companies just assume that one of their largest annual operating costs, property taxes, are fixed and unchangeable. Yet, property taxes are based on the values […]

Transactions can include a multitude of accounting, financial and legal considerations. Each of these comes into play as you develop a strategy to maximize value and minimize loss. In many cases it is helpful to have a trusted partner who can analyze and validate data and assumptions relied upon in your strategic plan. Such collaboration […]

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