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Great American’s Wholesale & Industrial Services division uses State-of-the-Art technologies, real-time digital communications, and proven marketing expertise to reach the largest network of qualified buyers from around the world. From Fortune 1,000 Companies to small organizations in a variety of industries ranging from construction, manufacturing, and aerospace to healthcare, food and beverage, and consumer products, […]

Home Furnishings & Home Improvement, Retail

The retail industry is known for volatility, and with many disruptive forces in a constantly evolving marketplace, retailers often are faced with expanding or contracting footprints. Whether closing or opening new stores, choosing the right partner can significantly impact your business. Great American has four decades of experience helping clients liquidate and realize immediate returns […]

Great American has extensive experience evaluating retail, wholesale, and industrial inventories for asset based lending. We leverage our extensive appraisal and disposition experience across all industries in order to provide an accurate value of a company’s assets to help them obtain capital to serve business needs. We begin with a thorough due diligence process to […]

Great American’s team is comprised of Senior Appraisers, certified through ASA and/or AMEA, with a proven track record of providing accurate machinery and equipment (M&E) valuations for all types of equipment, including heavy mobile equipment, metalworking equipment, plastics processing equipment, oil and gas equipment, and more. We objectively assess a hard-asset’s value by examining the […]

Great American has over 40 years of experience in valuing intangible assets intended to be used as collateral for financing. Our team compares transactions of similar assets, as well as any information that makes the intellectual property (IP) uniquely valuable, such as name recognition or patented technology, along with the financial metrics and agreements of […]

Bill specializes in developing and enhancing client relationships in the Midwest market, and has more than a dozen years of experience in business valuations, operations, financial reporting, strategic development and systems management in a wide array of industries. Bill first joined Great American Group in 2001, and prior to rejoining GA in 2008, worked as […]

David Seiden joined Great American in 2003 and currently serves as Managing Director. David focuses on developing and enhancing client relationships in the Southeast and Southwest markets, and provides asset valuation, liquidation strategies and restructuring solutions for lenders and borrowers. David has spent the majority of his career working for major corporations including Comerica, Foothill […]

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