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Wholesale & Industrial

Wholesale & Industrial

Great American’s Wholesale & Industrial Services division uses State-of-the-Art technologies, real-time digital communications, and proven marketing expertise to reach the largest network of qualified buyers from around the world. From Fortune 1,000 Companies to small organizations in a variety of industries ranging from construction, manufacturing, and aerospace to healthcare, food and beverage, and consumer products, GA Global Partners is trusted to move assets quickly and efficiently for the highest possible market prices.

Based on GA Global Partners’ extensive experience and each client’s business and needs, we first identify the precise universe of potential customers for the assets. We then craft the best Liquidation Strategy or Auction Methodology in order to reach the largest number of targeted buyers. GA Global Partners’ combination of experience and resources make the difference between simply selling off assets and realizing the maximum possible return.

Wholesale & Industrial


Adam Alexander

CEO, GA Global Partners

(818) 340-3134 Email

Jeff Tanenbaum

President, GA Global Partners


Peter Wyke

Senior Vice President, GA Global Partners

(818) 884-3737 Email

Michael Presto

Vice President, GA Global Partners

(818) 884-3737 Email

Paul Brown

Vice President, GA Global Partners

(203) 313-8935 Email
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