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Buy Side/Sell Side Advisory

Buy Side/Sell Side Advisory

Proper due diligence is critical during any transaction. A thorough analysis of a deal ensures your company is aware and protected throughout the process. Due diligence on both buy side and sell side transactions can directly impact the success of a sale, and can potentially slow down the overall process. Performing due diligence early on addresses any risks, highlights benefits, and can identify the true value of the deal, which can benefit the buyer and the seller.

With over 40 years of experience in valuation, M&A, litigation assistance and tax services, Great American can accurately assess earnings, assets, liabilities, and other important factors that can impact the value of a transaction. Our financial services professionals create financial models to project future earnings, while our tax professionals can advise you on how to most effectively structure the deal. Additionally, our litigation services team can identify potential contentious issues before they become a problem. Whether you’re on the buy side or sell side, our team can provide you an objective, accurate assessment so you can be assured that the deal is right for your company.


Chad Yutka

National Practice Leader
Managing Director
GA Advisory & Valuations

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Thomas McNulty

Managing Director

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Tony Vescovi


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Albert Lazo


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Dan Daitchman

Senior Manager

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Gregg Johnson


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