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Transaction Advisory

Transactions can include a multitude of accounting, financial and legal considerations. Each of these comes into play as you develop a strategy to maximize value and minimize loss. In many cases it is helpful to have a trusted partner who can analyze and validate data and assumptions relied upon in your strategic plan. Such collaboration can oftentimes expose unseen risks and uncover overlooked opportunities.

Great American has over 40 years of M&A experience providing valuation, tax, and comprehensive buy side and sell side advisory services, as well as a team specialized in the legal aspects of a transaction. We combine corporate, banking, government, and consulting expertise to deliver focused and disciplined work product for our clients executing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and principal investments.  Many of our professionals have been on corporate M&A teams, so we have a “principal” rather than an “agent” mindset. GA has the experience and expertise needed to identify key issues and offer creative solutions to help you successfully close your transaction.


Albert Lazo


(202) 316-0441 Email

Chad Yutka

Managing Director, CAVS Group Head

(312) 909-6078 Email

Dan Daitchman


(312) 777-7954 Email

Gregg Johnson


(818) 746-9332 Email

Thomas McNulty

Managing Director, CAVS

(832) 472-3717 Email

Thomas Popovic

Managing Director

(312) 596-5755 Email
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