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Tax Valuation & Advisory

Tax Valuation & Advisory

Tax minimization strategies often require valuations that meet specific criteria and can withstand scrutiny from internal and external auditors, regulators, and taxing authorities. Having a full understanding of the impact of asset valuation is vital to the success of any tax planning strategy. GA has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to help you develop a fully informed plan to assist in managing the complex tax landscape and understanding how taxation authorities will view your strategy.

Our team works with hundreds of companies and conducts thousands of onsite visits each year in order to determine businesses’ true property values. Our clients rely on GA’s expertise and deep knowledge of their industry, business, and property to provide effective valuation and advisory solutions to support their tax minimization strategies.


Chad Yutka

Senior Managing Director, National Practice Leader

(312) 909-6078 Email

Thomas Popovic

Managing Director

(312) 596-5755 Email

Neil Axler

Managing Director, Real Estate

Corporate Advisory & Valuations

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