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Risk Management
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Risk Management

Managing risk in today’s business climate is a never-ending task. Losses, while often preventable, do happen and companies need to prepare so they can mitigate these losses and continue operations.

Great American has over 40 years of valuation experience working with risk managers, insurance companies, and claims adjusters. We offer proven methods to manage risk before and after a loss. Replacement cost valuations, actual cash value appraisals, fixed asset management solutions, and proof of loss are just some of the services we provide.

GA has the experience and expertise needed to identify key issues and offer creative solutions to successfully manage risk and allow you focus on your core business. Prepare today, and protect your business tomorrow!

  • Replacement Cost Valuations: Great American conducts replacement cost valuations for personal property to provide insurers with the necessary information to accurately determine what a policyholder is owed when a loss occurs. Replacement cost valuations benefit clients by providing them with proper premiums, through the elimination of inflated values that result in excessive premiums, and by ensuring that property maintains sufficient coverage.
  • Proof of Loss: Great American provides hassle-free proof of loss evaluations to determine pre-loss value for insurers. These valuations are useful for policyholders who suffer a loss and must submit a reimbursement request to their insurer.
  • Actual Cash Value Appraisals: Great American’s actual cash value appraisals report the depreciated value of property and provide clients with the actual value of assets for use in discussions with insurers.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Great American helps businesses keep track of fixed assets such as land, furniture and vehicles, through a number of services including fixed asset inventory, asset tagging and reconciliation services. Our team of professionals also specializes in the removal of ghost assets and the addition of zombie assets to guarantee clients are neither over-insured, nor under-insured.


Chad Yutka

Senior Managing Director, National Practice Leader

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