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Orderly Asset Dispositions

Orderly Asset Dispositions

When assets with significant book value require a longer marketing or sale timeframe, a strategic and controlled orderly liquidation can help a company maximize overall returns and minimize customer attrition. Orderly dispositions work well for assets with larger and repetitive quantities, limited market demand, and specialized applications. The assets can cover multiple facilities or single-site closings, as well as excess assets no longer needed for ongoing operations. An orderly liquidation scenario is compatible with all types of assets, and a project manager who specializes in your industry will be placed to oversee the complete disposition process.


Scott Carpenter

Chief Executive Officer
GA Retail Solutions

(818) 746-9365 Email

Billy Nichols

Senior Vice President
Director of Merchandising

(818) 746-9323 Email

Ryan Mulcunry

Managing Director
Northeast Region

(617) 692-8310 Email
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