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Disposition Services
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Disposition Services

Great American is a recognized leader in disposition services, backed by decades of experience and cross-platform resources, as well as a strong balance sheet. GA’s Retail Solutions team is comprised of dedicated professionals who understand the complex dynamics between operating a profitable business and maximizing return on investment.

From judging values for inventory and fixed assets, to financing and facilitating dispositions, thousands of clients have relied on Great American to transform and liquidate assets quickly and efficiently, while maintaining a retailer’s brand reputation.


Neil Axler

Managing Director, Real Estate

Corporate Advisory & Valuations


Billy Nichols

Senior Vice President
Director of Merchandising

(818) 746-9323 Email

Ryan Mulcunry

Managing Director
Northeast Region

(617) 692-8310 Email

Scott Carpenter

GA Retail Solutions

(818) 746-9365 Email

Andrew Gumaer

Chief Executive Officer
Great American Group, LLC

(818) 884-3737 Email
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