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The retail industry is known for volatility, and with many disruptive forces in a constantly evolving marketplace, retailers often are faced with expanding or contracting footprints. Whether closing or opening new stores, choosing the right partner can significantly impact your business.

Great American has four decades of experience helping clients liquidate and realize immediate returns from excess inventories and underperforming assets. Whether you need to reduce seasonal inventories, liquidate the assets of a single location, or oversee the closing of an entire chain of stores, we take the time to understand your business and create customized solutions.

GA can fulfill your total retail disposition needs with an unwavering commitment to quality service and successful results, and can also:

  • Provide immediate cash payments for inventory, fixtures, and other fixed assets
  • Guarantee recovery results and back them with extensive lines of credit
  • Create a superior operating plan that treats employees and customers with respect
  • Assume financial responsibility for operating expenses
  • Plan, implement, and supervise turnkey programs to meet specified objectives
  • Design and execute effective advertising and marketing programs to attract customers
  • Formulate and implement proprietary systems that track daily sales, margins, and expenses
  • Help retailers devise customized exit plans

GA helps move retail assets within existing locations, working with current employees or using our own, and provides critical marketing services that generate results. Further, we have experienced valuation and real estate professionals who will provide reliable advisory services as you weigh your options.


Disposition Services
GA was retained to close the Company's 212 mall-based locations, utilizing both the retail locations and e-commerce to clear over $2.3 billion of inventory. This sale is on-going.
Disposition Services
Retained to conduct closing sales at over 750 retail locations, clearing over $2.3 billion of inventory at retail.
Store Opening Program
GA rolled out a store opening program for DXL beginning in 2011. To date, GA has assisted the Company in opening over 200 new locations, allowing management to focus on continuing operations.
Disposition Services
GA closed 323 of the Company's underperforming locations, providing the Company with an avenue to reduce excess inventory as well as reduce inefficiencies in their operations.
Disposition Services
GA began working with Hancock Fabrics in 2005, assisting them in closing 450+ stores over an 11 year period. Total inventory liquidated over the course of the relationship was upwards of $550 million.
Disposition Services
GA assisted this international retailer in the closure of the company's remaining 133 Canada stores and the liquidation of over $600 million of retail inventory.


Scott Carpenter

Chief Executive Officer
GA Retail Solutions

(818) 746-9365 Email

Neil Axler

Managing Director, Real Estate

Corporate Advisory & Valuations


Billy Nichols

Senior Vice President
Director of Merchandising

(818) 746-9323 Email

Ryan Mulcunry

Managing Director
Northeast Region

(617) 951-6996 Email
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