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Fixed Asset Valuation

Fixed Asset Valuation

Great American has more than four decades of experience conducting fixed asset reviews. A review ensures financial reporting compliance and uncovers opportunities for tax reduction by identifying, reconciling, and reporting all fixed assets. The goal is to maximize cash flow by identifying fixed assets that can be reclassified to a shorter depreciation, allowing the client to reap a ͞catch-up͟ tax adjustment. Our team of professionals uses every tool at our disposal, including site visits, asset tagging, reconciliation of physical inventory, and applicable tax incentives to provide an accurate accounting of fixed assets. Losing track of fixed assets creates compliance and audit issues, and prevents a business from realizing its maximum cash flow. By tracking an asset’s useful life, a company has the data it needs to maximize tax benefits while complying with legal requirements.


Chad Yutka

Senior Managing Director, National Practice Leader

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