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Financial Reporting Advisory

Financial Reporting Advisory

In today’s transaction environment, comprehensive strategic and financial advice is necessary to find innovative solutions. Great American has the breadth and depth to provide sound advice to help you manage a broad range of transactions. Our financial advisory solutions consist of the following:

  • Portfolio Valuation: An independent, third-party valuation to ensure the integrity of the fair value measurements of a private equity firm’s investment holdings to their LPs and other stakeholders.
  • Purchase Price Allocation: Allocates the purchase price into assets and liabilities required in an acquisition. Identifies the fair value of those assets and liabilities so they can be listed at fair value on the opening balance sheet.
  • Impairment Testing: Measures whether an asset is worth the amount stated on a company’s balance sheet, as required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to comply with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Stock Based Compensation (ASC 718): Allows a corporation to use its own stock to reward employees in lieu of, or in addition to, cash payments.
  • Fresh Start Accounting (ASC 852): Revalues assets and liabilities, uncovers any disclosures that may need to be made, and assesses the effect of creditor recoveries.
  • Complex Financial Modeling: Uses past and current performance of a particular financial asset, liability, or investment to hypothesize the entity’s future behavior.
  • Financial Instruments (ASC 825): Designed to accurately value businesses, financial instruments are used for mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, tax structuring, and more.
  • Derivatives & Hedging (ASC 815): Valuation to manage risks associated with interest rates, foreign currencies, and commodity prices.


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