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Machinery & Equipment

Machinery & Equipment

Great American’s team is comprised of Senior Appraisers, certified through ASA and/or AMEA, with a proven track record of providing accurate machinery and equipment (M&E) valuations for all types of equipment, including heavy mobile equipment, metalworking equipment, plastics processing equipment, oil and gas equipment, and more. We objectively assess a hard-asset’s value by examining the unique characteristics of each piece and how they contribute to the overall asset pool. In addition, we examine all fixed-asset listings, including original costs and net book values, and invoices for capital expenditures, while comparing them to current market values.

Knowing the value of M&E is crucial to properly quantify and qualify assets that may be used as collateral. Additionally, lenders often require an M&E appraisal as part of a loan’s underwriting process. Great American’s appraisal can assist the client to most effectively structure the term loan by delivering reports which are meticulously reviewed by ASA-accredited Senior Appraisers. By understanding the true value of a company’s M&E, the lender can determine an appropriate loan structure to minimize risk. Whether you are providing or seeking financing, Great American can help you secure accurate value.

Asset Based Lending Valuation


Michael Marchlik

Chief Executive Officer
GA Advisory & Valuations

(818) 917-8175 Email

Stephen Shelton

Managing Director
New York Metro, Mid-Atlantic Region

(203) 524-3271 Email

Bill Soncini

National Marketing Manager
Managing Director
Midwest Region

(773) 495-4534 Email

David Seiden

Managing Director
Southeast and Southwest Region

(404) 242-0683 Email

Ryan Mulcunry

Managing Director
Northeast Region

(617) 692-8310 Email

Jennie Kim

Managing Director
Western Region

(818) 746-9370 Email

Michael Petruski

Managing Director, Metals & Mining

(561) 657-4896 Email

Akilah Moore

Associate Business Development Officer
Midwest Region

(312) 777-7956 Email
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