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Great American has extensive experience evaluating retail, wholesale, and industrial inventories for asset based lending. We leverage both our extensive appraisal and disposition experience across all industries in order to provide an accurate value of your assets to help you obtain the necessary capital to serve your business needs.

We begin with a thorough due diligence process to determine the scope of the valuation, then conduct a three-step process which includes:

  1. Data collection and analysis: GA performs a thorough analysis of financial reports and valuation metrics, comparing to current industry trends that may impact value.
  2. Field visits: GA professionals will visit store locations, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities to gain a deeper understanding of the business and its true value.
  3. Management interviews: Our appraisers hold in-depth discussions with company personnel to learn the story behind the data. It is this partnership that yields the most accurate valuation results. Finally, we compare similar appraisals from our proprietary database.

Asset Based Lending Valuation


Bill Soncini

Managing Director
Midwest Region

(312) 777-7945 Email

Daniel Williams

Managing Director
Northeast Region

(212) 409-2442 Email

David Seiden

Executive Vice President
Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Region

(404) 808-8153 Email

Drew Jakubek

Managing Director
Southwest Region

(214) 455-7081 Email

Jennie Kim

Vice President
Western Region

(818) 746-9370 Email

Ryan Mulcunry

Executive Vice President

(617) 692-8310 Email

Michael Marchlik

Chief Executive Officer
GA Advisory & Valuations

(818) 917-8175 Email
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