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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Great American has over 40 years of experience in valuing intangible assets intended to be used as collateral for an asset-based loan. Our team compares transactions of similar assets, as well as any information that makes your assets uniquely valuable, such as name recognition, pricing leverage, and defensibility, along with the financial metrics and agreements of comparable companies. Intangible assets like intellectual property can be successfully leveraged into capital, even when traditional financing options are not available.

Additionally, intellectual property is deemed a valuable asset that can and should be used for financing; however, it can be difficult to value properly. Great American can value your company’s intellectual property so it can be leveraged for debt financing for expansion, research and development, and other needs.

Asset Based Lending Valuation


Bill Soncini

Managing Director
Midwest Region

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Daniel Williams

Managing Director
Northeast Region

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David Seiden

Executive Vice President
Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Region

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Drew Jakubek

Managing Director
Southwest Region

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Jennie Kim

Vice President
Western Region

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Ryan Mulcunry

Executive Vice President

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Michael Marchlik

Chief Executive Officer
GA Advisory & Valuations

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