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Asset Based Lending Valuation

Asset Based Lending Valuation

Our asset based lending solutions enable you to obtain the necessary support, whether in the form of appraisal working on your or your lender’s behalf or directly supporting your capital needs through GA Capital, Great American’s own debt fund, to execute your business initiatives and pursue growth opportunities. Great American’s extensive appraisal expertise positions us to effectively act as both an appraiser and an advisor. We assess and determine the value of your business’ assets by implementing a diligent appraisal process, gaining insight into the true value of your company’s assets, and work with you to determine an appropriate advance rate and minimize your risk. Our process includes:

  • Examining inventory levels and historical sales data
  • Evaluating competitor performance
  • Inspecting all assets, including machinery and equipment assets and perfecting fixed asset schedules
  • Staying current with valuation trends and changes

Asset Based Lending Valuation


Bill Soncini

Managing Director
Midwest Region

(312) 777-7945 Email

Daniel Williams

Managing Director
Northeast Region

(212) 409-2442 Email

David Seiden

Executive Vice President
Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Region

(404) 808-8153 Email

Drew Jakubek

Managing Director
Southwest Region

(214) 455-7081 Email

Jennie Kim

Vice President
Western Region

(818) 746-9370 Email

Ryan Mulcunry

Executive Vice President

(617) 692-8310 Email

Michael Marchlik

Chief Executive Officer
GA Advisory & Valuations

(818) 917-8175 Email
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