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The woodworking industry begins with the logging industry and continues with the shipping industry as raw timber is transported to sawmills, then to distribution centers and retail outlets. Most inventory is comprised of wood that’s been processed for a specific purpose, i.e. construction materials, furniture, or musical instruments; and includes everything from rough-cut 2×4’s to exotic woods for guitars and pianos.

Typical machinery and equipment (M&E) includes: sawmills; table saws; planers; jointers; band saws; chop saws; molding equipment (routers); sanders (disc, belt, drum); and drill presses. Brand and capacity are two things we’ll pay close attention to when determining the value of woodworking equipment. A 6” and a 16” jointer can do the same process, but the 16” jointer can handle larger pieces; increasing its versatility and value. A manufacturer’s reputation also plays a big role, with brands such as Jet and Powermatic holding their value longer.



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