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Pulp, Paper & Packaging

Pulp, Paper & Packaging

The pulp, paper & packaging industry comprises pulp plants that convert wood and recycled paper into paper-making materials, as well as the mills that produce paper and paperboard for packaging, newsprint, copy paper, household, and much more. Many manufacturers in the industry are vertically integrated; in other words, they process raw pulp and create paper products from it. Paper-converting operations process large industrial rolls into smaller sheets used for paper towels, bathroom tissue, and other functions.

Experience has taught us that tissue and paperboard mills are the most commercially viable in today’s market, with machine width and paper grades both important factors in determining value. The capability to produce food-grade paper also scores high, as does a business’ track record of compliance with federal environmental guidelines.

Typical machinery and equipment (M&E) for this industry includes grinders, digesters; pulp and bleaching systems; paper-making machines; laboratory equipment; and winders, slitters, sheeters, and other converting equipment.



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