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Great American’s team of professionals start by asking the right questions to determine value for a printing operation. Has the business made the transition to a completely digital environment, including computer-to-press technology and digital presses? How much of the M&E is used for printing labels and packaging material vs. more conventional (less lucrative) assets?

The past 15 to 20 years have seen an ongoing decline in the printing industry as electronic media continues to eat away at the industry’s two largest markets: advertising and publishing. Both markets have accelerated their migration toward online consumers during the past five years. However, strong retail sales (including online retail, ironically) are driving a healthy environment for packaging and shipping materials, as well as food-industry containers and wrappings. Globally, the printing industry generates about $825 billion in annual revenue, and is expected to chart annual growth of 2% through 2020.

The printing industry is comprised of companies that print on paper, textiles, metals, glass, plastic, and other materials; the most common methods being lithographs, screen printing, and digital press. Typical machinery and equipment (M&E) in the industry includes printing presses for lithographic, gravure, screen, flexographic, letterpress, and digital; as well as pre-press equipment, such as computer-to-plate (CTP) systems, scanners, plate makers, and graphic-design equipment. Post-press (bindery) equipment such as cutters, folders, bookmakers, and collators also are common. The U.S. printing industry includes about 26,000 companies, with a combined annual revenue of approximately $82 billion.


Chad Yutka

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