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Oil & Gas

Due to the dynamic nature of the oil and gas industry, timely reporting is necessary to understand an ever-changing marketplace. GA strives to contextualize important indicators in order to provide a more in-depth perspective of the market as a whole and we welcome the opportunity to make our expertise available to you in every possible way.

GA has advised and appraised a number of companies within the oil and gas industry. GA has built a quality team to deliver both tangible and intangible valuations across the oil and gas platform.

GA’s extensive experience includes valuations across a broad range of assets including:

  • Compression equipment
  • Frac tank rental/manufacturing
  • Pipeline equipment
  • Drilling and well service equipment
  • Well logging tools
  • Pressure pumping units
  • Saltwater disposal wells
  • Rental tools
  • Transportation assets
  • Wire line services
  • Valves
  • Tubular goods
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