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The U.S. healthcare and health-services industry is comprised of individual physicians and physician groups; independent physician associations (IPAs); inpatient/outpatient hospitals; payors and managed-care entities; vendors; hospital boards; regulators; clinicians; investors; lenders; and labor. Typical healthcare inventory includes: medical and office equipment; consumables; medical and lab supplies; office supplies; pharmaceuticals; marker and identification isotopes; prosthetics, braces and other durable medical equipment (DME); eyeglasses; and dental appliances.

The U.S. healthcare/health-services industry accounts for more than 1.6 trillion in revenue yearly; in short, it’s huge. Increasing corporatization and the rise of for-profit healthcare are rapidly replacing individual physician practices and small community hospitals, which have been squeezed by rising expenditures; a growing uninsured/underinsured population; insurance companies’ declining reimbursements; and workforce shortages. In response, emerging healthcare organizations (EHOs) are developing new affiliations, capital structures and governance configurations to better align the interests of patients with healthcare industry sub-sectors, including developing alternative staffing models, shifting patients to outpatient services, and reducing supply and administrative costs.

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